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Importico's Bakery Cafe Breads

Our artisan breads are crafted by hand with traditional ingredients, no additives or preservatives. Bread is humankind’s staple food and has been for millennia, so why change what is proven? We use flour, water, salt and a natural levain in our breads. Levain is a leavening agent, or bread starter, which is frequently used in place of yeast to raise dough. It’s French in origin, and food historians estimate it has been in use since the 1600s.

All our breads are made fresh on a daily basis and baked in a stone deck oven. We believe that the simplicity of our breads is what makes them so special. The majority of our breads contain no sugar, no fat (oil) and no dairy which makes them delicious, healthy and vegan-friendly. And we offer a variety of low-gluten and gluten-free breads. For details, go to our Vegan & Gluten Free page. At Importico’s, you’ll find the perfect bread to complement every meal and any occasion.

Importico's Bakery Cafe
Importico's Bakery Cafe
Importico's Bakery Cafe

Baked Daily

Baguettes (mini also)
Banh Mi
Ciabatta (mini & oblong)
Cinnamon Raisin
Cracked Wheat
French Roll
Italian (seeded or plain or sub)
NY Rye (seeded or unseeded)
Rustic (sour rye, round or oblong)
Rustic Baguette
Six Grain
Sourdough (round, oblong or bread bowl)
Tuscan Boule
Whole Grain

Importico's Bakery Cafe

Baked Saturdays

Caramelized Onion Rye
Cheese Bread
Cranberry Walnut
Jalapeno Cheese Bread
Mission Fig
Pumpernickel Raisin
Roasted Garlic
Rosemary Kalamata
Semolina (round, long, horseshoe)
Sun Dried Tomato & Olive
Low Gluten
Seedy Spelt
Sprouted Spelt
Gluten Free
Artisan (white)
Cranberry Walnut
Kalamata Olive Rosemary

Importico's Bakery Cafe

Specialty Breads

Apple Pecan
Blueberry Ciabatta
Chocolate Cherry Bread
Irish Soda Bread

Importico’s Bakery Café

Where baking is our way of life

Importico's Bakery Cafe
Importico's Bakery Cafe
Importico's Bakery Cafe